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Micro-loans straight to your phone

Convenient Micro-loans: Access micro-loans directly on your phone

Simple Application Process: Apply online easily

Loan Amount: Borrow as little as 100,000 RWF

Seamless Disbursement: Funds disbursed directly to your bank account or e-wallet

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Access to micro loans, via your phone.

How can we help you?

Hereby our answers to frequently asked questions.

How much is the maximum for a bank guarantee?

You can request a Bank Guarantee for an amount of USD 50 000 to USD 100 000 for 24months (Vijana product).

Do I need to have a smartphone to get a bank guarantee?

You do not have to own a smartphone. You can use a smartphone of someone else. However, you need to have a mobile telephone number which you need to enter during the registration process. You can also use a tablet or a PC.

Do I need to have a bank account to get a bank guarantee?

You do not have to have a bank account when you make your application. Nevertheless the opening of a bank account is required at the moment of disbursing the funds.

Do I need to have a business plan to be able to receive a bank guarantee ?

The Business Plan is an obligatory document to be submitted in order to be able to analyse your project.

Do I need to have a guarantor/ collateral to obtain a guarantee?

No. The Bank Guarantee is covered by FOGEC.

How much is the interest rate?

The interest rate is 8% annually. 

Who can qualify for a guarantee?

The eligibility requirements for the Bank Guarantee are:
For the Vijana product:
- Be Congolese and at least 18 and no more than 35 years old.
- Have been engaged in profitable activities in the sector for at least 6 months in the case of non-agricultural/agropastoral activities and at least one year in the case of agricultural/agropastoral activities.
- Have legal commercial documents.
- Have an activity in the industrial, semi-industrial or light industry sector.
- Have a business plan.
- Be a member (or have been a member) of a support structure (incubator).

How much time does it take for FOGEC to reply to my application?

FOGEC takes 2 to 3 weeks to analyse the application. However, as the applications are then sent to the Bank, FOGEC does not know how long it will take the Banks to process them.

Can I apply for a new guarentee when I already have received one from FOGEC?

Only entrepreneurs who have repaid the previous loan in full and without default are eligible for a second FOGEC financing.

Can I apply for a new guarantee if I already have one application in process ?

No, you have to close the current application first to be able to apply for a future one.

Can I make a change in my application after I submitted?

You can change all the details and information before submitting and finalising your application. Once you have submitted the information, you cannot return to the form to change anything. So please check everything before submitting the application form. After submitting, you can contact us via our phone number or e-mail at to make a change.

Are there any additional costs for applying to FOGEC for a bank guarantee?

No, there is no charge for applying to Fogec for a bank guarantee.

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