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Your partner in financial inclusion

Digital loan origination



US$ 6,0m



loans approved

We offer a digital loan origination solution: 

Anytime, anywhere origination of loans for clients

Fast & cost-effective processing of loans

Comprehensive oversight of necessary client information

Conversion insights that uncover pain-points

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“MoneyPhone and Microfund for Women share a joint mission of Financial Inclusion. Together, we are looking forward to using Fintech innovation to further increase access to finance for people in the MENA region safely, anytime and in any circumstance thinkable. We aim to give all people the opportunity to improve their lives and to contribute to their economy and community against minimal costs.” 

Muna Sukthian

CEO Microfund for Women

Fully internet enabled loan origination platform for your Borrowers, Loan Officers and Management Team

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


  • 24-7 direct access to credit via smartphone enabled platform 

  • Learn about available loans via social media and apply directly on the bank’s website 

  • Receive loan disbursements and make loan repayment via mobile wallet 

  • No travel required to and from the bank except when necessary 

Loan Officers


  • Work on online portal to review and perform due diligence of loan applications 

  • Use credit score data (where applicable) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) credit scoring available on the platform 

  • No travel to the customers except when necessary 

Management Teams


  • Get real-time insights on loan origination, onboarding, client interactions and portfolio performance 

  • Assess capital requirements, compliance and impact reporting 

  • Facilitate data-driven decision making to optimize the loan origination processes 

Digital Loan Origination Solution

Cloud-based solution that is easy to implement and integrate with existing systems.

MoneyPhone consists of :

Loan Application Platform

Digital Self-service Application (DSA):

Customers complete online loan applications from your website

Digital Field Advisor (DFA):

Field Officers work with customers in remote areas to complete their online applications

Loan Management Portal 

Online workflow for Loan Officers to process loans efficiently and effectively. Includes automated loan disbursements & repayments

Management Dashboard

Receive real-time insights into the loan origination process and portfolio performance.

Growth Marketing Expertise

Achieve exponential growth by leveraging Growth Marketing

Benefits of MoneyPhone

Accelerate Your Loan Origination

Customer Acquisition

Lower costs to originate using social media

Loan Application Processing

Faster on-boarding with no manual inefficiencies

Loan Decision

Faster time to approval with data-driven decision

Automated Disbursements

Faster disbursement with increased customer satisfaction

Mobile Repayment

Lower negligence of loan repayments

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